Barber created quite the stir when he unveiled his Valkyrie “canard” style aeroplane. Dennis Simanaitis has written a two part article about Horatio Barber’s Valkyrie. – this link take you to part 2

Simanaitis Says

YESTERDAY, WE HAD Horatio Barber’s Valkyrie demonstrating its short take-off capability by charging directly at admiring crowds. Today in Part 2, the Valkyrie continues to entertain, becomes the world’s first air transport (of sorts), and provides me with a fine GMax project.

On the Valkyrie’s Crowd-Pleasing. Kenneth Munson wrote in his Pioneer Aircraft 1903-1914 – The Pocket Encyclopaedia of World Aircraft in Color, “In 1911 Barber carried 151 passengers in his Valkyries without incident, and altogether flew more than 7000 miles during the year.”

“On 4 July 1911, Barber created a little piece of history by flying from Shoreham to Hove with the first item of freight ever sent by air: a carton of Osram electric light bulbs. He donated the £100 that he received to the Royal Aero Club….”

Barber Heritage. Despite these successes, by April 1912 Barber considered the syndicate a commercial failure and sold its assets to…

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One thought on “1911 VALKYRIE MONOPLANE PART 2

  1. With the £100 prize money, Barber presented the Britannia Trophy which is still presented today for aviation achievements

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